Hi! I’m Ann Mikell Stewart. Thanks for stopping by.

(yep- I go by two names, pronounced “Ann Michael”)

I’m an aspiring medical devices sales professional, currently attending Auburn University and will graduate in December 2019.

Throughout my time at Auburn, I have been a part of several organizations including Campus Crusade for Christ as a Mission Trip Volunteer, the Freshman Leadership Program as a Director and a social sorority as a Participant in philanthropic events around the Auburn community. In addition, I held six jobs during my academic career, including Medical and Spa Service Sales Coordinator at the Auburn Medical Spa and East Alabama Plastic Surgery and a Model/Customer Service Representative at one of the top online boutiques in the nation.  

Mission Trip in Nicaragua

My job at Auburn Med Spa is ultimately where my interest in medical device sales was sparked. It allowed me to research and educate clients about the health and wellness benefits of our products and services.

Interacting with people has always been a huge passion of mine. I love making mutually beneficial connections and relationships; something I believe is extremely important in sales. I learned how to build these connections through my studies as a PR major. I decided to major in PR because I knew it would help me with every aspect of public interaction and persuasion.

I learned that the PR industry combines so many different skills and that every day will be different from the last. Through my education at Auburn University, I have learned about handling crises in the workplace, speaking in public, managing different personalities, persuasion, research, graphic design, and code academy. I’ve also gained important certifications such as HubSpot Graphic Design Certification and Google Analytics Certification. I can’t wait to apply these developed skills to a job in the future.

In my free time, I like to focus on faith, family, friends, fitness, and of course, watching Auburn play football.

I also enjoy playing with my rescue black lab, Maisy! Unfortunately, the alliteration didn’t work out there 🙂

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, feel free to drop a note in my inbox by using the contact form below. Can’t wait to hear from you!